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'Cause Life Wouldn't be Life, Without Your Girls!

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Let's talk the importance of sisterhood and all things GALENTINE'S DAY!

Yes, it's another holiday, but definitely a worthy one...even if it did just land on our calendars...or is it even there?

Well no, it's not an official holiday, but it has been around since 2010 after being introduced on a Parks and Recreation episode. All the ladies in the world rolled with the notion, that women need to celebrate one another - together! 'Cause Life wouldn't be life without your girls! The ladies that you share everything with - from fashion tips, reality show reviews, business deals and stories of tripping over hot wheels. Let's not even discuss the times you've used their shoulders to cry on, or that time you lost your wallet and she paid for dinner.

We NEED our girls and we NEED to celebrate them. A Galentine's Day celebration is just the way to show how much you care. This doesn't have to be an elaborate celebration, but an in-home gathering can be just the way to say I Love Ya, Girl! So get to planning because the 'official' date for Galentine's Day is February 13th, although with everyone's busy schedule, it's common for ladies to choose another day in February to commemorate this special occasion.


Make your celebration fun, easy, and inclusive - but, don't overthink it. This is a time to giggle, let loose, and have fun.

Here’s 5 Galentine's Day Celebration Ideas Sure to Make Great Memories:

  1. In-Home Lunch or Dinner - Don't want to go out? Create a lovely space in your home - filled with girly decor and ambiance. I don't suggest you burden yourselves with cooking unless that's just what you like to do - I can't relate, LOL. Hire a private chef and use your time to enjoy one another.

  2. Dress Up & Do Brunch - Gather your girls and make reservations for a brunch date at your favorite spot or try a place that none of you have ever been. This is a great way to make memories together. Attire: Dress in your finest and turn heads. *For a less formal look, just color coordinate or wear T-shirts featuring a nickname for your sisterhood & Jeans. I still get together with my college friends and our group name was L.O.O.P.S. - I used to know what those letters stood for, but now none of us can quite remember, LOL.

  3. Staycation - Grab a hotel room in your local area, matching pjs, and board games. Order room service or visit the local restaraunts and shops. Don't forget the girl talk late into the night. Laughter and shenanigans are in order for sure.

  4. Relax, Refresh, Reflect - With the stress of the world, sometimes you need a sense of calm with your girls and a spa day may be just what you need. Massages, facials, and some relaxation. Afterwards, you can go to your local flower shop and grab some flowers to make bouquets and then swap with one another. Such a special gift!

  5. Popcorn and PJ's - Have a movie night, binge on the best candy and goodies, and talk through the entire movie. Randomly pausing for a dance break because music heals the soul.

Planning a party for you and your girls? Contact Us today to see how we can help with making it a next level event.


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